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Enrollment Steps

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Enrollment Steps

The detailed enrollment process helps you understand in glance the complete process.

Section 1 :      ENROLLMENT

You are requested to fill out the enrolment form and undergo a set of investigations as per your eligibility requirement. You can email us the completed forms along with the medical investigation reports mentioned below. Please also confirm that you have checked the eligibility criteria’s for undergoing Surrogacy in India, and with SurrogacyIndia. Please download the form here.  

Section 2 :      INVESTIGATIONS

You and your partner are requested to undergo a set of medical investigations. In Surrogacy, it is a moral and ethical responsibility to ensure that the child born is infection free. For the same, like Surrogate Mother, the Intended Parents also need to undergo certain testings. As the other partner is in active relatioship with genetic donor. To view the tests download file here.  

Section 3 :      ENROLLMENT FEE

To start the process you are requested to pay a emrollment fee of $400. This fee is towards the processing of the documents, considering your eligibility, and creating your unique secured website. Please note that the Enrolment Fee is life time fee and non-refundable. Click here for Bank details. 


Surrogate Mother: Assuming you enrol with us today, it takes about a weeks time before you can choose a surrogate. To synchronise SM with your cycle, it takes about 4-6 weeks minimum, depending on intended mothers monthly cycle and is the average time frame you should keep before selecting surrogate mother of your choice.

Indian Egg Donor: It may take minimum 5-6 weeks time to finalise Indian egg donor, match with SM and do the actual cycle. These all are on the assumption that egg donor and SM of your choice are available for you. Donor availability is finalised on the basis of her last donation which has to be after a minimum gap of 3 months. 

If you still have queries, do not hesitate to write to us at